Inauguration Day: Unclear strategy for an Obama legacy

Persuading some centrist Republicans that their voters want them to be constructive. Their decision, after a retreat, to put off the clash over the debt ceiling could be a sign of this. But it is more likely simply so they can concentrate on a fight over spending.

Not “constructive”, destructive. Knowledge is destructive, and the voters want their Republicans to be knowledge based, which right now isn’t happening.

Republicans seem to think that the voters want their leaders to go against their word, and not pay for a debt we owe.

That is not a very good strategy. We basically went to war in the Middle East to keep the dollar relevant it today’s world.

If a relevant dollar was indeed, at least, one of the strategies for war, why would we want to counter that strategy with another? Especially when that “other” would mean going back on our word.

Wouldn’t going back on our word mean we have wasted that debt which was paid for by those wars?

While keeping those guys in the Middle East spending our money wasn’t the only reason we went to war, it must have been a sizable chunk of it.

We live in a consumer society. If we can’t consume anymore, because we don’t have the dollars, then we need someone to continue consuming, at least continue consuming our dollars.

The Native American were the first ones to learn that it’s never good to turn your back on  the world.

I mean, they seem to be back, but they went through some really destructive years.

So, yeah fellows, just keep playing around, we gotcha!

We will just pass on the free blankets, this time around.

via BBC News – Inauguration Day: Unclear strategy for an Obama legacy.

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