Chicago Mother, Fined Over $3,000 For Son’s Behavior At Noble Network Charter School

The Noble Network, an alternative school program championed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, has drawn the ire of students and parents alike for collecting nearly $390,000 in disciplinary fines from low-income, largely African-American and Latino students and their families over just a three-year period.

I thought that chartered school would be at least more interested in money, than anything else. This failure to collect money is their failure, and not that of the parent.

While an institute more interested in maximizing profits would seem the least likely candidate to take care of our children’s education at the personal level, at least they should understand money.

If I ran up a bill for 3,000.00 plus dollars, 5 dollars at a time, I would hear from my debtors and the issue would have been resolved very early in time.

Perhaps these schools should stick to the facts of money, and leave disciplinary action to someone else.

Please help this child early. Whatever you did, it didn’t seem to help at all, assuming the parent’s problems equal that of the child’s.

via Marsha Godard, Chicago Mother, Fined Over $3,000 For Son’s Behavior At Noble Network Charter School.

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