“Whose Terrible Idea Was Hagel, Anyway?”: If not Hagel and Kerry then who?

The most embarrassing moment came when Hagel defended a policy of containing nuclear Iran, before being reminded by the incredulous (friendly!) chairman Carl Levin that this was not the administration’s policy. Hagel quickly agreed.

While it is not the policy of the administration, it is what they are doing.

Perhaps isolating is more to the point in the context that Hagel was thinking in, but the administration is containing Iran in their effort to make Iran give up nukes.

These hawks should understand that when we send troops into Iran, and it looks like we are going to, then they need someone like Hagel to accomplish this.

I don’t believe the hawks are that stupid that they believe, after all of their lies, that anyone who hasn’t been there is going to lead our troop into Iran. Think again bucko’s.

If Hagel and Kerry are not the men, then who?

via Whose Terrible Idea Was Hagel, Anyway? — Daily Intelligencer.

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