America the Home of the Brave?

larrydunbar Says:

February 4th, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Step 1.Know yourself; Check.

Step 2. Know your enemy. Understand the advantage he/she has in the environment that you both share.

As an example, if the owner of Fox News is from Australia and an elite,  there is some not-so-small advantage in keeping the “Americans” stirred up all the time.

Unlike America, Australia is an island whose history shows that the inhabitants can’t defend.

A friend of the family was sent to Australia to up-root the Japanese that island-hopped their way down to Australia. He and his D8 Caterpillar dug the Japanese out of the sands, as he and the rest of America headed north.

But he also told, in his narrative, how little help he got from the Australians themselves.

Of course, as he writes, it was hard to find the Australians, they were too busy fighting in other parts of the world. I think what surprise him the most was how little civilian help they got in their effort.

But then, as history shows, even if every Australian had given their lives and resources fighting the Japanese, it would not have been enough.

During the war in the Pacific, it was towards the Austrian’s advantage for the U.S. to dig the Japanese out. Australia, negotiating from a position of strength, was and still is: too small, too little populated, and too isolated to defend using just the natives that live there.

China is buying up most of the island now (using US dollars), so the threat of violence, from an outside force, gives the Aussies an edge to work from. I am not saying that “stirring” is the function of Fox, but it, at the very least, looks like stirring is a good chunk of that function that might be supported by the elites.

As Americans and Gamers, stirring the “pot” is not really that hard, right?

So how about instead of trust have a heart, bud, as we move on to step 3 & 4?

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