Maybe my update will make more sense, although I doubt it. I once said that I wanted to be a community organizer, and I suppose that still holds true.
Data first (construction) as an observation, write it all down in some form of orientation (logic)–Knowledge (destruction) next (decision making), as you add the math (ethics)–Act and write it all down into some kind of narrative (tempo) that can last for generations (my nephew James).

The Image

Unfortunately, many farmers markets are duds.  The prices are too high, the selection is mediocre and many of the vendors sell store brought produce/products.  In contrast, real farmers markets are run by organizations that rigorously maintain standards and recruit/scout/visit participants (to increase supply, competition, and variety).  They hum with life, variety, and are price competitive.

Yes, and this is all because we don’t have a decentralized market, ho, hum.

Well “real farmer markets” are distributive networks that each needs the other.

So while Robb’s decentralized network decentralizes into nodes towards an edge, the distributive market has no outside edges and forms a center of gravity called a community.

Where this “center” forms is any ones guess, but Robb has no clue, because he is looking for an edge, and not a community. He still thinks he is a part of the cure, i.e., a resilient community, and not the problem, too much distribution…

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    I have begun the final remodel. I am in the Data phase, and the data almost killed me, as I added knowledge. I ended up with a fractured spine and one rib. It was nothing that needed any medical attention except for some ibuprofen, drop that oxcondone as quick as you can, then go on muscle relaxers until you can feel that the bleeding has stopped. I don’t know if it works or not, but my pain is more real now and not a cause from spasmodic bleeding.
    But that is what knowledge is all about, pain, unless you handle the taking of all that data carefully.
    I knew better than to use the top step of anything, but then I did so despite the knowledge that I had–until the odds of getting hurt caught up with me.

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