Sam’s War

All wars are fought over economic considerations, and fought by people with little economic considerations. My step-son Stephen is a person fighting one of those wars. Stephen is a solder in Sam’s Army.

Sam is a friend of his that used to have The Landing.

The Landing was a place of last resort that Stephen and all his friends go when they have no other place to go.

Out’ back, where all the important things get done, of the companies that I have worked for as a millwright, “The Landing” was called The Bone-yard.

I remember the president, of one of those companies I worked for, looking over the yard and exclaiming, “you have all kinds of metal to build with. You just got to put it all together.

And he was right. You could cut 2 feet of angle iron off of one assemble we had “boned-out” and connect it with another 4 foot piece of angle from another assembly, and magically you end up with a 6 foot piece of usable material. And for the most part, that is what we did, as the plant processed something such as kitty litter, for all you fans of such stuff.

There is nothing wrong with Stephen being a solder in Sam’s Army, because Stephen loves Sam, and all of Sam’s kids and wife, and such.

As Sam is losing his “Landing”, his wife is having another kid, so things are quite stressful at Sam’s house.

With Stephen being Sam’s solder, things are very stressful for him. The problem with being a solder is that solders get hurt.

Stephen told me he was having spasms in his chest, some where between his back and front, and over his left shoulder. I told him that I recently fractured my spine and rib, and the doctor told me that spasms happen when blood from the injury leaks into muscle. Stephen said that he had been taking spasm medicine, and I told him I also did, until the spasms went away. Which to me meant that my injury’s had stopped leaking blood.

Stephen asked me how blood would leak, and I told him that like his problem with his kidneys showed many years ago, our system isn’t as leak-free as we thought.

His ex-rays at the time of his kidney problems showed that some of the urine from his kidneys had leaked out, and the doctor told us that this was pretty common. I think both Stephen and I got a little laugh over Stephen pieing on himself “inside”. Not sure if this applies to something like the heart, but I think so.

I asked his mom if she was feeling anxiety over Stephen’s condition, and she said no. She knew as well as Stephen that what Stephen needed was rest, and if he wasn’t willing to stay a few days and rest, it was up to him.

Sam is hitting a deadline that Stephen knows will expire before Stephen’s work gets done. It didn’t sound to me like Stephen was that excited, because four more days wasn’t going to amount to much, and Sam shows little effort to try and change the dead-line.

I am not sure there is much for Sam to do. His war is about economic considerations, and it is my opinion that he (Sam) is about to lose.

I am just hoping he doesn’t take my kid with him when he goes.

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