Tempo of Last Remodel

The Slow Tempo

I managed to carry two 40lb bags of pellets into the basement and refill the pellet stove. It only took 1 hour, which was a lot better than the 13lb 3 load trips I started with a few days ago. However, as tempo goes, this means my work is still at a very slow tempo, as me and the puppy were asleep most of the rest of the day.

Work is the ability to carry a weight a distance, and tempo is about all those things.

Strategy, on the other hand, is about the end, ways and means in the ability to work, and all work has strategy. The resources and the ability to use those resources are the means and ways of strategy, and compose the elements of tempo.

Tempo is the pace that the resources are carried throughout a narrative, and in this case, that narrative is an OODA loop.

OODA (Observe, Orient, Decision, and Act) is a time-step movement of energy, which represents the power of any amount of work, completed between steps. So any amount of work I completed in the “loop”, which said that I needed to fill the pellet stove, can be scaled to the project I need to complete the “Last Remodel” of our house.

Needless to say, my tempo is very slow, but the end of my strategy has great potential. If my strategy is successful Stephen, or anyone blessed with our remodel, should end up with property that is very marketable as a source of income for rent. If Stephen doesn’t die before we do, and ends up with this property, it could be an advantage to him and anyone else, in his old age.

It seem like working for Sam, isn’t going to cut it, at least for Stephen as a solder in Sam’s Army.

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