Tempo Slower Yet

I may have to go to my doctor assistant for help with my spinal fracture (L. L3 transverse process fracture). I am not having much pain, but the pain that is there moved up my spine to almost my shoulders.

I was able, with the use of an ice pack, move the pain back down, but to me this is an indication that my spine is re-aligning itself, because of my injury.

Perhaps the back brace (called TSLO) (which a doctor needs to prescribe)  or “abdominal binder” could not only, “reduce pain”, because my pain is not too great (remarkably so considering the fractured rib), but might also keep me in good posture.

I worry about ending up with a misshapen spine. I really don’t know when I am not in good posture until my back starts hurting somewhere else.

So far I have taken, Percocet 5 mg/325mg (they say 312 on the tablet) every 4 hours as needed for pain. This lasted a couple of days (9 pills).

On the third day I could hardly keep my eyes open, but I attributed that to withdrawal from Percocet.

I forgot the doctor told me to take ibuprofen for anti inflammation and my back started to spasm. I took flexeril 10 mg orally every 8 hours as needed, and I needed them for a couple of days (6 pills).

while the smallest dose of ibuprofen is recommend, it didn’t seem to help me any. I started taking 3 pills, once a day, sometime around noon, seemed to work best.

Stopped taking flexeril after a couple of days, because my spasms stopped. Stopped ibuprofen a few days after that. The doctor told me that spasms happen when blood enters muscle tissues, so I figured I didn’t need the spasm medicine (flexeril) nor the anti-inflammation medicine, as long as it wasn’t bleeding into muscle tissue. Ice packs seem to work best.

The prescribed ice packs called for 20 minutes every 2-4 hours. It felt the best for me to keep one there all day. I was able to just throw a bag of ice on my back without any towels, and it never got too cold. I was kind of inventive in keeping the ice on my back, and will be in style, if the tie-your-tee-shirt-in-a-knot in the front, with the fat from your sides sticking-out, comes around. After looking around town, this does seem to be the case. 🙂

I am still so glad that it doesn’t feel like any other pain has shown up, so now I just need to get my muscles back into shape.

I just got my $5,000.00 plus bill from MCMC, so perhaps “glad” is overstated. 🙂

My doctor at emergency told me the news that I had fractured my spine and a rib (which wasn’t really news to me), but told me the CT scan didn’t find any injured organs, which is why she wanted me to take a CT scan in the first place.

Now I did the math a few years ago and knew bones can break after falling from a second-step. I fell horizontally from the second-step of the stool onto my back on the top step of the stairs, with my legs falling over the steps below (I know it was stupid to let myself get in that position in the first place). It seemed likely, to me at least, that something broke.

Shouldn’t I be getting a few dollars back for the good news that she couldn’t tell me without a CT scan? 🙂

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