A Rube is as a Rube Does

A rube is as a rube does, and what Rand Paul did during his filibuster was to declare himself a rube.

A rube is someone without an advantage in the environment that he/she Observes, except for the fact that he/she is a rube.

Obama got the advantage over Rand Paul party’s strategy of filibustering this administration. The Republic strategy has been to push against any Action the Obama administration Decides on.

I am sure that it is hoped by those in the Republican party that with enough pushing and for a great amount of time, they will be able to push this country in a different direction. The Party lost the advantage in Paul’s filibuster.

The problem for Paul and his party is that there has to be some kind of leverage to move a country, and leverage takes an advantage point to pivot from. The only advantage Rand Paul had during the filibuster was from the advantage point of being a rube. The advantage was all his and not his party’s.

But the process that represented the Obama’s administrations Decision making process, won over Paul’s strategy, during the filibuster.

It turns out that Paul approves the Action of the Obama administration of killing Americans with drones and on American soil. This seems to be the question that Paul wanted answered before he quit the filibuster.

Apparently Killing Americans with drones on American soil is OK with Paul, as long as the victims are not just sitting in some restaurant, or something like that.

So it is assumed that Rand Paul’s party would make a similar Decision, under similar circumstances, i.e., another Pearl Harbor or Twin-Tower event, so their Decision-making became similar, or in other words, parallel.

An Orientation that makes similar Decisions, is a similar Orientation, but Obama got the advantage of making Decisions first, because Paul apparently came up with the same Decision, but not until the end of his filibuster.

So in time (space/time), the Obama’s Decision making is ahead of Paul’s, and that represents an advantage, and Obama had the advantage over Paul. That is of course depends on what kind of an advantage did Paul have, in time or distance?

If Paul’s advantage is in distance (as in, who wants to distance themselves from this Decision), then perhaps Paul got the advantage. Paul showed that he was a rube, like the rest of us–his party showed their strategy in filibustering everything was a failure.

To sum up, the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) of Paul’s party is running parallel (at least in the regards to drones killing American citizens on America’s soil) with the Obama’s administration, instead of pushing against it– but the Administration is ahead of the Republican Party in Decision-making, because Obama apparently thought of it first.

We can see that the two parties are parallel because, if the people of Rand’s Orientation were Oriented as an opposition to the Obama administration’s, his loop would have been perpendicular to Obama’s, pushing the country in a different direction, including backwards if the advantage is great enough.

This “pushing” represents an OODA loop with an advantage in the environment Observed. Rand had no such advantage, except he has declared himself a rube by his Actions, and is oriented towards the other rubes in the environment the USA pivots in.

Wither this Rubistic Orientation is enough advantage, to push the country in a new direction, has yet to be seen, but Rand Paul’s Action yesterday was, at the very least, interesting.

Paul’s Actions during the filibuster may mean that not only does Obama know Boyd, but also the Republicans are learning fast, with Rand Paul in the lead.

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