Stealth Jet’s Blind Spot Will Get It ‘Gunned Every Time

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the military’s expensive main warplane of the future, has a huge blind spot directly behind it. Pilots say that could get them shot down in close-quarters combat, where the flier with the better visibility has the killing advantage.

If this is true, that there is a blind spot directly behind the F-35, then the f-35 is not functional on the z-axis.

To actually fully control the z-axis of the aircraft (as the makers claim) there needs to  not only be movement in both directions of the z-axis, but spin on the z-axis also.

While this spin on the z-axis could possibly be virtual or in its own environment, to say the aircraft has an z-axis advantage, but with a blind spot behind it is not true. For an aircraft to own the z-axis there is no “behind”.

Without full z-axis capabilities the program needs to be shut down. Not much else needs to be said.

On the other hand, the F-35’s ability to move in the direction of the z-axis may disqualify most pilots from judging the aircraft, because most pilots are stuck in a culture that doesn’t use the z-axis, or at least uses it to very little advantage.

Most pilots are stuck on a single plane–the air “plane” they are flying in. At least the airplane they are flying in is stuck on 2 axis, the third “z” axis being in the direction that they take-off and land in.

via Test Pilots: Stealth Jet’s Blind Spot Will Get It ‘Gunned Every Time’ | Danger Room |

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