Boehner memo hails GOP ‘tactical plan’ against Obama as success

He also complimented Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) “make life work” initiative, which is meant to showcase GOP ideas that will help working families.

But tactics are only successful if there is some kind of strategy behind them.

Strategy bridges the past and future by having a clear picture at both ends. Tactics, for any movement like the Republican Party, only works if there is a clear picture of where it has been and where it is going. Strategy supplies that picture, which tactics can’t. Tactics are short-term, so it is almost all past and no future.

If there is strategy behind the tactics that Boehner calls a success, then success depends on whose strategy the tactics are following. Is it the Republican strategy or Obama’s?

I think Boehner would have said so, if he thought the Republicans were following some kind of a winning strategy.

While the tactics Boehner underlines are successful, they might represent a losing strategy for the party that has labeled itself the “values” party.

Is it really family “values” to have a bill named “make life work”, on the floor of Congress? The title, if not the bill, seems to give more to Caesar than called for in a party claiming “family values”.

I mean the bill could be about how individuals should stop whining and pull themselves up by their boot straps and go to work. You know, make life work idiot!

Which is what a father would tell the young in the family.

But as The Daily Show said last night, can they do that with a warm smile?

In other words, does the Republican message come across as the rich telling the poor to “suck it up” (if that is even what the bill is about, because I don’t know the bill), or do they give it a human-type emotion.

So if these are not successful tactics for the Republicans are they successful for Obama?

Is it possible that these successful tactics of Boehner’s could be a part of Obama’s strategy to have the Republican name itself as a party in which work is your life, instead of highlighting what comes after work the family.

If this is Obama’s strategy, for the Republicans to name themselves the party of work instead of family, then perhaps Boehner is correct, they are successful tactics.

If this is the case, and the Republican Party is following the strategy of Obama, then I am not sure that the tactics of the Republican Party will be successful, for the Republican Party.

On the other hand, when I was young I thought that I didn’t want work to define me, but now as I grow old I am less sure. To me success now depends on how the society is structured, and how the culture fits that structure.

It is more obvious than ever to me that the U.S.A. is structured as the Right.

If the structure of your country matches the culture holding it up, then to me that means you have a successful country, a country successful in its past and future.

The Right, as a structure has a large normalizing force that controls the friction inside a society, and that normalizing force in America is becoming more corporate each year. I am beginning to believe that the culture in the USA is also beginning to match its structure.

I think there is a large push-back, but each year it gets harder for those wanting the U.S.A. to have a winning structure, either more as the Left or for God to be that normalizing force instead of Caesar.

Those with the losing strategy seems to be those pushing push against corporations (replacing God as the normalizing force) and those of the Right (replacing those on the Left without a normalizing force).

But then the Republican Party doesn’t apologize for being the party of Caesar or on the Right.

And there is no reason they should apologize  given BushII’s failed Crusade into the Middle East and the win by Obama as the structural leader, ha!

I remember watching a video out of Iraq which showed a US military commander in charge on the ground in Iraq rallying his troops with the slogan, “We are doing God’s work”.

I am sure the Persians said the same thing to the Greeks, as the Persians removed the Jews from Israel. Oh wait! That is exactly what they didn’t say.

It is what we said to the Chinese as the corporate Right removed Saddam from Iraq, and the Islamic Left replaced him.

Thanks Bush 🙂

Some kinda strategy, huh????

via Boehner memo hails GOP ‘tactical plan’ against Obama as success – The Hill’s On The Money.

2 thoughts on “Boehner memo hails GOP ‘tactical plan’ against Obama as success

  1. Strategy can be all in the head of the strategist, in which case it has no real past or real future, even if said strategist imagines a past and future. Tactics can also be in the head (of the tactician), but at least it gets tried outside him — eventually, when put into practice — and so may gain a real present.

    The problem with the GOP has arisen because of the failure of GOP strategists to tie strategy and tactics together in a way that brings strategy into the real world. Once it is in the real world, others can and will evaluate it, all the while evaluating also the tactics— a) to see if tactics match up with strategy or serve strategy, and b) to see whether the tactics and strategy are both desirable. Incidentally, this applies to those observers who already fill the so-called “base” of the GOP, to fence-sitters, to opponents, and so forth. To put it another way, the GOP has failed to tie together The Dream and The Method in a logically consistent way for all observers. Even members of the GOP have come to doubt the union of Dream and Method; fence-sitters look upon this union with suspicion; and foes of the GOP have been permitted to define that union because of the vagueness of it.

    As for, “when I was young I thought that I didn’t want work to define me, but now as I grow old I am less sure,” I am sympathetic. There was a time when I was young that I definitely wanted my work to define mean, but in vain. It didn’t match me. And of course there were many times that I didn’t want my work to define me. As I’ve grown older, I’ve more and more been wanting work to define me — just not the work that others assign to me.

  2. “As I’ve grown older, I’ve more and more been wanting work to define me — just not the work that others assign to me.”

    A very good thought you have left here.

    Yes, there are some that seem to grow into their own skin as they age, and I can imagine you being one of those, in your poetry and writings.

    Work is defined in physics as moving a weight a distance, and in us humans I can see work as a form of growth.

    In the context of growth, I wish you the best in the weight you carry, the distance you have traveled, and the growth your work will mean to others, if you are so fortunate.

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