Japan to order shooting down of N Korea missile

TOKYO – Japan will order its armed forces to shoot down any North Korean missile headed towards its territory, press reports said Sunday as Pyongyang was reportedly readying to fire one.

If you are a gamer, such as the North and South Korean military seems to be, “headed towards” is a very big statement.

If the missile is flying over Japan and projected to land somewhere on the other side of Japan, then is it actually “heading towards” Japan?

Not really unless there is a failure in its propulsion system. Then Japan should shoot it down, if Korea is unable to destroy the missile itself.

You see the problem with Japan’s order is that force and mass in a distribution of energy are not necessarily related in direction. As the missile flies over Japan the force of gravity is towards Japan, but the mass of the missile is not “headed” towards Japan.

So if the Japanese destroys the missile flying over Japan, unless the propulsion system is not functioning correctly, they are not destroying a missile that is headed towards Japan, they are destroying a missile that is heading somewhere else.

As Gamers, North Korea would be obliged to retaliate against Japan, as Japan’s politicians enter the “game”.

Could it be that Japan’s politicians don’t understand that it’s a game? If they don’t, they should update quickly.

via Japan to order shooting down of N Korea missile.

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