With Friends Like These…

“Over here, China is doing all it can, trying to erect a stage for a six-party talk; over there, Pyongyang is bombing the stage with a nuclear weapon.”

The thing is, China is losing most of the “six-party” players, because Korea has threatened to bomb them.

I mean, sure, MaCarthur got pulled back from using nukes by his president.  I am not sure we can say the same for any other “leader”.

What’s the budget like for Obama, anyway, Mr. Ryan? Is the war going to come down to China and Korea against everyone else, where we have to use nukes? I don’t think so.

China is going to move to the same side as everyone else, and when that happens North Korea will go ballistic, unless it can join with the South.

In that case, now we can handle them. We don’t have to worry about destroying one side with the other.

via With Friends Like These… – By Helen Gao | Foreign Policy.

One thought on “With Friends Like These…

  1. I mean, nobody wants to see a nuclear armed South Korea, even the South Koreans. With their wealth they could have a nuclear program that would rival Washington’s and in a way does rival.

    Much in the way Taiwan’s nuclear program rivals Washington’s

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