Former Australian Prime Minister says US v China debate is ‘infantile’

Business leaders need to see beyond the “infantile” debate of a choice between China and the US when mapping Australia’s future economic success, says John Howard, in a view that has won support from senior Obama administration officials.

Yes infantile, and of course business leaders need to see beyond the debate, because, as Howard implies, there is only one choice, and that is North America.

North America, in its pivot towards the Indo-pacific is making sure Australia is making the right choice.

North America has Penetrated northern Australia with an Isolation of Marines and has Subverted the decision making (“Eliminating the dollar in trade will be the focus of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s trip to Beijing next week.“) as the Australians take the promised 1.6 billion dollars needed to orient the US Marines towards an advantage in Australia. That advantage can be seen as a lever against China and Australia’s need to pivot away from American dollars.

Of course the outcome North America is hoping for is a Re-orientation of the Australians towards a more harmonious (Re-harmonise) relationship with the US dollar. This is pretty typical in a PISRR (Penetrate, Isolate, Subvert, Re-orient, and Re-harmonise) movement, as the Obama pivot narrative has become.

The dollar and the financial institutions that are built on the dollar are the main US advantages in the global environment. Not only is there an advantage for a consumer economy, such as the US economy, to be able to command goods in their own dollars, but the dollar is still  tied to the dominant military in the region, the US military. Once China and Australia begin dealing in the Chinese currency, I am sure the Chinese will want to replace the security of the US military with their own.

The dollar’s advantage is especially true in Australia where the Chinese have bought up most of the access to the wealth of Australia, if I am not mistaken, in US dollars.

For Australia to switch to a Chinese currency would be devastating to the US economy.

Like the drug-pusher making the first one free to assure a steady market for his supplies, the US has given China a good deal on those dollars they used to buy access to Australian wealth, with the hope that the Australians will continue to use dollars.

By threatening to cut the supply off, Australia has declared war against the biggest  pusher of US dollars, Wall Street. Lucky for Wall Street they have their own military, ha!

As all war is about economic considerations, and fought by people with little economic considerations, it is not surprising to me that there is much “infantile” debate going on.

via Former Australian Prime Minister says US v China debate is ‘infantile’ | China Daily Mail.

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