Sherman Remarks – HHRG-113-FA18-Wstate-Gartenstein-RossD-20130710.pdf

I came by this pdf by way of zenpundit:

As the Wall Street Journal has reported, the Jamal network operates camps in Libya that include training for suicide missions, has demonstrated proficiencyin smuggling fighters, and also has connections to European jihadists.

It was in a statement of one of those before the congressional committee, but: “and operates out of Afghanistan” should have been included, as the number 2 behind the still dead OBL, in my estimation, operates out of Afghanistan. It wasn’t coincidence that Afghan fighters were in the Bengali attacks.  I wonder why the location of the Jamal network wasn’t included in the expert’s statement? Are those .so-called “Conservatives” going to need to pay attention to Afghanistan, again?

Could it have been a given, and not worth mentioning, or is the missing location of the center of the Jamal network explained better somewhere else in the statement?

via Sherman Remarks – HHRG-113-FA18-Wstate-Gartenstein-RossD-20130710.pdf.

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