Al-Qaeda center of gravity moving from Pakistan to Yemen, experts say

After a threat from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula shuttered 22 U.S. diplomatic facilities in 17 different countries last week, terrorism experts note that as al-Qaeda marks its 25th anniversary this month, its center of gravity is shifting from Pakistan to Yemen (AFP).

Only Al-Qaeda’s center of gravity was never in Pakistan to begin with.

Fighters from Afghanistan were spotted in the Bengasi attack, and I don’t think it was by accident, nor was it because the attackers in Libya were short personnel. Afghan fighters came from the center for the fight and are moving outward. In other words,  it is not that the center is changing, the fight is simply moving outward.

Iraq was basically a civil war against the Sunni and Shia. Afghanistan was the center of a religious movement. It still is the center of gravity for al-qaeda.

via Al-Qaeda center of gravity moving from Pakistan to Yemen, experts say – Bailey Cahall | The AfPak Channel.

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