Main U.S. targets in Syria are military sites

“This is not really a military attack but part of psychological warfare,” said Gregory Koblentz, a chemical weapons expert at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The expert is wrong, psychological warfare (like what happened on 9/11 in New York City) is  a military attack.

It’s kinda like President Clinton’s response when he was attacked, i.e., define “is”.

“Even if the U.S. military does not go after stockpiles it will probably try to target the specific units involved in carrying out the attacks if they can identify them, White said”

In other words, the U.S. military is going to Isolate those Oriented towards a chemical attack.

If just isolating those able to carry out a chemical attack doesn’t work, I am sure they will start Isolating parts of the Syrian incumbent forces, along with that part of the insurgency who is Oriented to  take over the chemical weapons inside Syria.

Once “is” is defined, you only need to understand those of a military’s  Orientation that are positioned to use chemical weapons, Isolate them according to how they make their Decisions (the tactics used in the deployment of chemical weapons), and Subvert their Decisions by Re-orienting them towards an environment they have no advantage in.

This may mean to kill them, but Isolation doesn’t only mean kill.

Once the environment is free (Isolated) of chemical weapons, the U.S. military, if they are in command, can Reorient those in control of the environment that is now chemical free.

In other words, the advantage of chemical weapons is gone, and those left in the environment can begin the process of Re-harmonization towards the advantages the chemical weapon free environment Observed offers.

At least the advantages that goes to those who don’t use chemical weapons.

If this sounds like it’s going to cost a lot of resources in people and money that is because it will.

After the U.S. military has Isolate the forces needed to carry out a chemical attack, the Action is merely by the Book.

The Book of Re-harmonization, which “is” where?

via Main U.S. targets in Syria are military sites.

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