What are the concequences of military intervention in Syria? | A Wonderful World

the US has positioned itself very well.

Interesting. As a country (the U.S.A) whose economy is based on the consumer, the US has “positioned itself very well”.

But then, as we don’t get our oil from the Middle East, exactly what do we “consume” that comes from Iraq that would be the advantage in this positioning?

The answer is cheap manufactured produces from China.

Yeah, that’s right, Iraq was mainly about supplying China what it needs (oil) to keep our economy going.

In that context, I suppose Iraq has gone well, indeed!

The truth is, like Thomas PM Barnett said, the oil in Iraq (and now Syria) doesn’t belong to the US, but to the BRAC nations, Brazil, Russia, Africa, and China. They are the ones producing products that the U.S.A needs and wants.

Except for a little Civil War (that never hurt anyone) the US “has positioned itself well”.

As with the First Gulf War, we have the best military that China and the Petro-States could ever want to hire.

Is it any wonder why Obama wants to hit Syria now? I mean our suppliers not only need oil, but a stable area of the world to act in.

via What are the concequences of military intervention in Syria? | A Wonderful World.

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