Clinton: Syria needs credible US military threat

Clinton: “Syria needs credible US military threat”

Yes, of course it does. So hat’s off to the European Union for providing that credibility, when Tea Party Republicans refuse to support the POTUS.

I mean it is not like Russia is our enemy. Much of what Putin does, the Tea Party Republican could only dream about.

Small government mostly controlled by private industry?

So what is the Tea Party’s beef, in getting Putin, Someone who has stated they want to form a Military Industry Complex for their nation, to control the environment in Syria?

For guys like McCain, what is their problem?

Is the problem the fact of the possibility that the Eastern Orthodox will survive in the Middle East?

But what we should remember, there is only one Military, Industrial Congressional Complex (MICC)  in the world, and it is about time we share some of the booty to other militaries in that complex.

Russia has a capable military that would be able to destroy any other military, not a part of the Complex,  who chooses to use chemical weapons.

It may be time to turn them loose in Syria.

Hasn’t anyone heard of the Indo-Pacific Pivot?

Don’t we have other places to go and people to see?

Clinton: Syria needs credible US military threat.

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