Changing the Orientation

Orientation starts in the workspace.Workspace





I am sure there is a place in your mind that is considered a workspace. A place where all of your thought are put together to form some kind of a prospective (Observation).

This place in your mind is not unlike the space you work and observe in everyday.

As a worker, you come to work seeking an area of space and a point in that area (Orientation) that represents an advantage in your life.

What happens, as a worker, the job you accomplish gives you a force and the distance in time that your employer gives you represents a force at a distance, or energy.

You then go to work to increase that advantage, either by “doing” something or by “being” something .

Hopefully, if you actually get to do something or be something at work, you can bring that advantage home and, together with being or doing something at home, find some satisfaction and good feelings in life.

Because it is really at home (home is where the heart is) that you want satisfaction and good feelings, but everything needs to harmonize with the good feelings of performing work, and a work that satisfies.

As I said many years ago,  but in different ways: there are only two reasons for getting out of bed–it makes you feel good or there is some sort of satisfaction in the Act #OODA

As I have no work, I am lucky to have both good feelings and satifaction at home. I am not so sure my wife is as lucky.

Now, after she has retired from work, she spends much more time in bed, than when she worked.

She says sleeping-in feels good, but, from what she says about her dreams, I am not sure how much satisfaction she is getting.

From her stories she remembers, from her dreams, the workspace in her brain is sure busy as she sleeps.

While it can feel good being busy, and stretching all those muscles, there is a small window of opportunity when “busy” can be satisfying.

That window can close when moving is painful, which is kinda the position my wife is at a disadvantage now.

In all cases in life, pain is a position of no advantage, because we all get older, so death becomes the advantage.

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