Opinion: Are Democrats more extreme than GOP?

Let us count the reasons: Barack Obama has taken the Democratic Party left of Clinton. He left blue-dog, centrist Democrats to be punished for his sins and they were wiped out in the GOP\’s 2010 Congressional landslide. All the while, the Internet has empowered and organized the party\’s remaining and most extreme elements. The Democratic Party can\’t go left. It is left, in entirety. They already occupy America\’s left fringe.

I think “occupy” is a key word.

Bill Maher wondered, on his show once, why the Tea Party was so much better at organizing, than the Occupy Wall street group.

The answer is that they are not. It turns out, as this show-down underlines, Occupy Wall Street are the “better” insurgency than the Tea Party.

While the Mainstream Media doesn’t “see” Occupy Wall Streeter’s (they are out of the range of Observation), the Occupy Wall streeter’s are still there.

The Occupy Wall Streeters are simply outside the system instead of inside, where the Tea Party occupies politics from a position of disadvantage.

The Tea Party has no advantage inside the structure of the Republican Party, because they are occupying the same structure that they are trying to destroy.

What the Tea Party didn’t understand, in the Boydian process called the OODA loop, structure needs to change, in the destruction and construction movement, as culture changes.

At least the structure of the House Republican party does, as the new culture (represented by the Tea Party, repositions itself into the old structure, but at a new advantage. The advantage of no taxes, small government, and the continuation of entitlement programs, except of course, the law, Obamacare.

In other words, the disadvantage the Tea Party has is that its occupies  a position of little wealth, little strategy, and, except to try and kill anything that Obama tries to do, little process.

The Tea Party is trying to “be”, without “doing” anything but destroy what is in the system.

Which it is hard to destroy the system when you “occupy” it 🙂

The Occupy Wall Streeters never actually “occupied” Wall Street. At least they only “occupied” it as an area of little advantage in the non-virtual world.

As this experience with the Tea Party Republicans suggests, not actually occupying something has its advantages. Not the least of which  is not being Oriented (like the Tea Party is towards the Republican Party that gave us both Iraq and the Wall Street bailout) towards what you want to destroy.

The Democrats are not more extreme, they simply believe change doesn’t have to mean suicide, and the House Republicans would rather die in the process of changing than change, as long as they get re-elected.

via Opinion: Are Democrats more extreme than GOP? – CNN.com.

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