What Ted Cruz Should Have Learned

Senator Ted Cruz should have learned that in any campaign you need to know your enemy. There are two basic things one needs to know about them, their magnitude and the direction they come from.

In the case of Cruz, their magnitude in numbers was large simply because it only takes a very small but vocal number of people in any Party to make a change. I think Cruz understood the magnitude of his enemy, but he got the direction of his enemy wrong. The enemy lies behind the leader, not in front.

His enemy was the number of people in his party that were small but very vocal.

You see, when the whisper came around that the Republican Party may let the Government default, every Republican that made a statement on defaulting said that wasn’t going to happen.

It was then that his followers should have attacked and struck out against these Republicans, and they failed to do so. 

Of course, even though he probably would have scared most of his followers, Ted Cruz should have also attacked at that time.

So in a way Ted Cruz was, as were his followers, his own worst enemy and that is what he should have learned.

His next lesson maybe to learn who he is fighting for.

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