Unsung Black People

In December 1984, Bernie Goetz shot four black men who were trying to mug him on the New York City subway. (About a year later, one youth admitted that, yes, in fact, they \”were goin\’ to rob him.\” They thought he looked like \”easy bait.\”)

Ok, it’s almost 30 years latter and Ann Coulter brings up Bernie Goetz again. When I resolved myself of this issue it went something like this. The four black men may have been trying to mug him, but those were the people Goetz was looking for as he rode the subways looking for them.

It’s been so long ago that I am not sure I am correct in this assumption, but I don’t think anything more should be taken from the event Ann describes. I was worn out just reliving the event, even as little I know about it.

As for Zimmerman, it again seems to me like he found the person he was looking for in Trevor Martin, and that person put some hurt back on to him.

Did Trevor Martin represent to Zimmerman the culture of a black person or a poor person, or neither?

Apparently, justice wise it didn’t matter. The fact that Zimmerman felt threatened by any culture of any structure was enough to acquit.

But whatever the facts were, it doesn’t seem likely that the story can be used to champion the cause that, according to Ann Coulter, states Liberals say black people can’t be racists.

If that is even what Ann is trying to put across in this article. Liberal and Conservative is a cultural not structural difference.

In other words, it is pretty hard to use the color (a structural trait) of one’s skin to make a point about the cultural differences between Liberal and Conservative cultures.

She should have made the point that Hispanic people are more conservative than Africans. As I assume her ancestors were from Africa, that would be a hard point for her to prove, at least structurally 🙂

On the other hand, if she wanted to compare structures culturally, she could use facts to backup the claims that she supports (whatever those claims really are).

But then she would have to use something like facts to back what her claims about cultures brings up, i.e., is there racism in Liberal cultures? (Boy, the answer to that question is a real head scratcher!)

Ann Coulter doesn’t seem to belong to a culture that likes facts, only gut feelings.

And so Ann Coulter marches on, with a new army of followers from every article and book she writes!

via Unsung Black People – Ann Coulter – Page full.

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