Ender’s Shadow and Offense-Defense Theory

I admit that I have not been following this feed closely, but the notion that an offencive attack has been made on the “buggers” without observing the environment the buggers live….

, and then orienting ourselves to an advantage in that environment, before we make a decision, seems a little premature, to say the least.

Does the Bugger’s culture permit them to return home with the enemy in tow, or does it make them die because of their defeat.

Because it is the environment that writes the code.

To lose might not be in the Bugger’s DNA, because of the harsh environment it lives in.

I mean let us look at the movie “The Eagle”. One of the guys that ran asked the question, “why did we come here, there was nothing here?”

Perhaps true enough, but there is a solid gold Eagle hanging around somewhere now.

So now, in answer to his question, you observe an Eagle, and a slave returning home.

Ender’s Shadow and Offense-Defense Theory | Grand Blog Tarkin.

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