When Showtime offered its programing on my cable TV for free, I decided to watch all the episodes of Homeland.

I assumed I would be getting the channels for only a limited time, and Homeland seemed to be the most entertaining that was offered. So over the Thanksgiving holidays I plowed my way through all three seasons.

Now I assume that Homeland had ex-CIA consultants for accuracy, but they were never listened to, or they were at best the “B” team. (Note: from what I learned later, the “A” team must have went to the Showtime’s series a House of Lies.)

Perhaps a non-stop marathon was not the best way to watch a series like Homeland (soap opera). I couldn’t savior the episodes through the week, and wait in anticipation for another one to arrive.

Instead of anticipation I came away with the feeling that there was a lot of bad acting going on, and the series Homeland fell flat on accuracy.

By “bad acting” I meant that I couldn’t “buy” into the actress’s portrayal of the bi-polar character, nor  the accuracy in the situation that showed a Muslim sneaking out to his garage to pray. To me the latter never happened and the bad acting was just annoying. So, after the first season, much of the rest of the seasons of Homeland were wasted on me.

I can’t account for the bad acting, but, in the context of a Muslim being in an Orientation (OODA loop) of command and control, Brody lost his orientation and self-control when he went to his garage to secretly pray. At that moment he became a Muslim.

It is within an orientation that you are given the command and control of any situation. Brody lost his ability of control (self-control) when he clandestinely went out to the garage and prayed.

A Muslim does what God commands and that’s about it. However, all control is a Muslim’s own. In the case of a Muslim, Islam is the organisation of that self-control.

What this means is that, within Islam, there may be (or not) the possibility that permission is given  to conceal the fact that you are a Muslim, but that permission doesn’t not give you a reason nor permission to go against the commands of your God.

Therefore, if Islam asks, you must conceal the fact you are a Muslim from everyone, including that which commands you, God.

In other words, if Islam asked Brody to conceal the fact that he was a Muslim, Brody broke from Islam’s control when he went out to the garage to pray. The fact he was Muslim was no longer concealed, and he must obey the commands of God.

Islam, as an organisation of control, in that moment, lost control over Brody, because Brody was, once again, God’s to command.

The whole point of the series was that Brody came back brainwashed and under another’s control. It is my opinion that he lost that control when he went to the garage to pray.

Of course that is exactly why there hasn’t been an attack on the US, as depicted in the series Homeland.

God commands.

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