Cooling US home sales only partly due to weather

“The weather played some role, but just as much of a role was played by lower inventories, higher mortgage rates, slightly higher prices and tighter credit,” said Robert Rosener, an economist at Credit Agricole CIB in New York, who correctly projected the drop in sales. “We’re on a positive trajectory, and when the spring comes we should see a bounce back.”

I have been in design mode for most of the winter. This spring I hope to get past the designing stage and into planning.

While designing is a destructive activity that is somehow satisfying, planning (which falls within the construction activity in the process of building a home) is neither satisfying, nor does it particularly feel good.

I think it will begin to “feel good” when we start hammering nails, but we have to get through planning first.

My first move in planning should begin at the planning department for the City of The Dalles, Oregon. I need to show them my design.

So far I have 3 designs: small, big, and bigger. This spring I hope to start on one of them.

My “bigger” design is more about building a sustainable community than the other two. It involves taking full advantage of the energy of the sun, while using the land under this project in the most efficient manner. To successfully complete this design will mean I will need outside resources, while at the same time taking advantage of all forms of social media to obtain those resources.

My “big” design could be a part of a sustainable community, but full-efficiency of the land  is hard to imagine in this design, and social media is less important for the completion of this project. There is also a question about the need for outside resources, and that need has to be answered before this project can take place.

My “small” design will not directly help in creating a sustainable community, but I think it will bring great pleasure for my wife and I in our retirement.

The downside of this “small” design is that the land resides in a zone that is designated as high density residential, and this design doesn’t lend itself easily towards that designation.

Just like “The weather played some role, but just as much of a role was played by lower inventories…“, my “small” design doesn’t take advantage of the fact that there are “lower inventories” in my area.

I suppose my first question to the planning department should be, “Are there lower inventories for housing in my area, and, if there are, can this fact aid me in the planning stage?”

Just saying, the quicker I get through the planning stage the quicker I start hammering nails.

via Cooling US home sales only partly due to weather.

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