It’s All in The Plan Sam

I don’t mean to be coy Roy, but I have been checking into business plans lately, and my friend seems to have stumbled upon one that I found quite interesting.

From what I have gathered from my checkings into the Web, the company she works for only sells her the products. Everything else she does for them is entertainment.

With this business plan, she is not an employee, but the customer. Most employees don’t come to work to be entertained, so it is not hard to see how appealing this business model might be.

Perhaps not so appealing, as the customer and only buyer, she is the only one who could possibly know what is in her customer’s best interest. Maintaining a customer’s interest is a big responsibility for anyone.

All customers have a cost to keep them interested, and she is the one most responsible for that cost. While her company has an interest in her success, they are really only responsible for her costs, as a customer, not her customer’s cost.

On the upside, and from what I have gathered, she believes in the old Scottish phrase: “They’re there”, and believes it applies in her situation. Her customers are out there, and the cost is mostly tied up in friendship. In other words, her friends are out there and they are ready to buy.

From her experiences in life, she knows how many customers she has, and what they would give to be in her shoes, so to speak.

But, because of finances, it comes down to her family knowing her. Can she go where no other buyer can go, to her customer’s base, or will she be content to be entertained by the company she works for? After viewing her Facebook page, it looks like her company has already taken over most of her Facebook feed.

On the other hand, I would choose my words carefully in answering that question. There is an entertainment factor to consider, but my friend is a cancer patient whose life will be in turmoil for the next 5 years or so and she is a single parent. In a way it is all work.

Maybe the better question has two parts: who are those 150 (Dunbar’s Number) close friends,  and where are those who have all they need, but want more, i.e., the company she works for?

Her Facebook page says that she works for the company and wants to be a director. Does this mean she is going to be making a living wage and start to receive health benefits for her and her young son? If that is true I wish her, as always, the best.

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