Obama’s Pivot to the East; Observe the Structure

  • Boyd’s Big Ideas (AKA “Business Blitzkrieg,” presented at the first Boyd for Business & Innovation Conference in San Diego, 28 February 2014). 3.1 MB PDF

What he did2 This chart shows why structure is important. If an engineer schooled in the fine arts of war were to look at this chart, one strategy stands out. If you knock the leg out from the mass above it and let it pivot, the advantage is to the person who first knocks the leg out.

What he did

And knock the leg out is what the General did.

So first of all, Hitler sent engineers to do the duty of generals.

I am not saying that Obama’s “pivot” to the Pacific is a military move, nor that the mass above the leg (that is the Pacific Ocean) is Indonesia, Afghanistan, and the rest of the MENA, but simply the engineering side of me thinks that it looks very similar.

But I also have to ask myself, why did the General feel his line of attack was where the enemy least expected it? I realize it looks that way to a non-engineer (and someone who would actually have to fight there).

But was the question of “why” so unimportant because Russia was ultimately going to “win” anyway, or was there a need in the leadership of the Russian military that wasn’t being satisfied?

Unlike today, Russia lost the Crimea, but is it true that a lost in Crimea is not a catastrophic loss to Russia, unlike the Ukraine itself?

Just something to think about.

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