Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.?

Republicans are sounding the warning that the next 9/11-like terror plot could emerge from the regions of Iraq and Syria that are currently dominated by an extremist group bearing down on Baghdad.

It was on their watch that the first 9/11 happened, so it should not be surprising that they have a heightened awareness for another strike.

“These are not monkey bar terrorists out in the desert somewhere planning some very low-level attack. These are sophisticated, command and controlled, seasoned combat veterans who understand the value of terrorism operations external to the region, meaning Europe and the United States.

The 9/11 attack was a military planned attack. I don’t know who exactly said this, but if it was House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich. he should resign immediately from his position. We had eight years of stupid before Obama took over, we should not allow any more.

But Michael Morell, the former acting CIA director and a CBS News analyst on intelligence, national security and counterterrorism issues, predicted it’s at least a year before ISIS might pose more of a serious threat to the U.S. The current major threats to the homeland still come from al Qaeda groups in Pakistan and Yemen, he said.

Exactly. Most of the military personnel that attacked on 9/11 were from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is still there, so the treat is no more or no less real than before 9/11. The guys who are now in Iraq are no more 10 ft. tall than the guys of the military unit who struck us on 9/11.

The real trick is to isolate them for targeting, and to strike them without bringing down our economy.

via Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.? – CBS News.

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