Perry to Deploy National Guard Troops to Mexico Border

Other Republicans in Texas and Washington have called on Mr. Obama to deploy the National Guard to deal with the border crisis, but Governor Perry could benefit from being viewed as the first to take action. Democrats, including Texas lawmakers in the border region, immediately lined up in opposition to the deployment plan, calling it an attempt to score political points and to militarize the border.

Many in the U.S.A. believe the George W. Bush brand is dead. This is simply not true. Governor Perry is proof. He has become “The Decider”.

But being the Decider was not the only capability of the W. brand, it was only a part of the process. The real asset of the W. brand was the willingness to build other countries in the American image.

But to do that, turn another country to our will, takes an army and there are not any other  possible candidates for POTUS that have one.

Most of the other candidates, especially in the Republican Party, are even, if unintentionally, rolling-up the military by their commitments to a “smaller” government.

As such, Governor Perry is not only taking off where W. left off, in Born-again Americanism, he is setting off to expand the U.S. government into Central America. While Governor Perry is sending in the National Guard, he is also sending in a military unit that doesn’t have the resources to secure its own position and operating in the area under the control of SOF and under the command of the Commander and Chief of the United States of America.

When conditions change, they will change very fast now.

via Perry to Deploy National Guard Troops to Mexico Border –

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