No On Oregon Measure 92 – A Costly and Misleading Labeling Measure

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific organization and publishers of Science Magazine, has re-stated their opposition to the type of misleading food labeling scheme proposed by Measure 92.  The AAAS Board of Directors has repeatedly stated such labels would be misleading to consumers.  Further, the AAAS statement contradicts the false claims and scare tactics of Measure 92’s proponents, stating that genetically modified foods “are the most extensively tested crops ever added to our food supply.”

Further the AAAS Board states that labeling initiatives such as Measure 92 are “not being driven by any credible scientific evidence” but instead “are being advanced by “the persistent perception that such foods are somehow ‘unnatural,’” as well as efforts to gain competitive advantages within the marketplace, and the false belief that GM crops are untested.”

As the article quoted above suggests, I believe as they do; “Such labels would be misleading to consumers.”

But I also think that the tipping point between what has GMO and what hasn’t has been reached, and it is too close to call if something is modified or not. For me I just assume everything is modified, and go on.

But “go on” to where?

The conversation in which we determine that modified foods are good or not good has not really started yet, but I support this measure with the hopes that it will.

I also do not believe it will be costly (unless the voters let it become costly), as this is really only an education bill and technology along with the economy is education driven. In today’s economy education can happen quickly and economically.

Once those at the top of our government make the determination that, for all practical purposes, all the foods out there are GMO unless it is printed on the label, then it is a short amount of time for education to quickly take hold and get the word out.

In other words, a “printed label” in today’s economy is cheap, because it is relatively easy to get the “word out” on-the-cheap.

It just needs a little push and the right kind of “printer”.


via No On Oregon Measure 92 – A Costly and Misleading Labeling Measure.

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