I am going to try and build my new house in a decentralization way. At least that is a part of my Strategy. Strategy comes with an end, ways and means—Decentralization will be the “way”.

As the Designer, of this project, what I am planning to do is build the foundation and deck at the same time as I install the plumbing and electrical into the wooden structure. This will be accomplished through decentralization. Now, before I start getting a bunch of hate mail, hear me out.

Decentralization doesn’t mean there isn’t a “center”—it means each node of the network carries the same potential energy as their potential “center” would. And by “center” I mean brand.

So my “means”, which are resources, will come from the distribution of energy surrounding this project. So to does that mean that “local” gets moved further out as a center position, but I am still using “stuff” (resources) that would be put into the house anyway, if the house was built locally. So the problem with decentralization comes down to the question of: who will do the work local businesses or large corporations.

From “work” we create a “workspace”, and Orientation begins in the “workspace”. So the people who will do the work will also be the ones within the “workspace” of my design. If this is indeed a Community Project, and that is a big “if”, then the second problem with decentralization becomes: how much will the end of this project affect the community? If the people in command of the resources doesn’t make something off of this, then it is hard to gain any “enthusiasm” to this project.

But remember when you are talking enthusiasm, when you double the energy within the area of a community, it’s “end” doesn’t look like the 4 times the doubling of the area represents. The potential created is 8 times what you once had before you started. Or in other words, what you had at the beginning of the “end”.

The potential created by this project depends largely on how many homes I build on this property—one or the potentially 3 homes—and if these homes become a part of the community.

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