Junk Mail?

My wife still gets mail that supposed to go to her mother. I call that junk mail, but it’s really not. Business knows there is a cost to the buy-in in the experience they have with new customers, and so a few “trinkets” laying around any house seen but unused is not a bad thing.

We don’t have the resources her mother had, but with the resources of hers that we got, I am trying to design something for future generations, and a home that my wife and her mother would enjoy together. It is a really fine line that scale balances on in decision making, and so it is when it comes down to where the money should go, in this project.

Apparently one of the senders, who her mother gave to, have an orientation that is Native American. I got one such sample labeled: from “the Lakota (Sioux) children at St. Joseph’s”. The package says that the contents are made in China, but the context does seem to originate around the culture of Native American. A German physicist that I talked with online said that the Native American culture spoke of quantum physic before all the other “advanced” civilization did. The object we received on behalf of my wife’s mother speaks to me about another dimension, and that is basically what quantum physics says.

It’s not a bad business model if you’re one of the children. After all, who could pass up a deal when there is a Dream Catcher involved and on a key chain?

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