Want to Get Hired? 5 Highly Insightful Questions to Ask the Interviewer

“You wouldn’t believe how many companies haven’t thought about this and can’t provide an answer… and when that happens, I’m no longer interested in the position.”

Of course they can provide you an answer, it’s what they say it is. In the interview for work with the last corporation that I applied for employment the interviewer was quite specific. They wanted a person who could keep a shift running, while at the same time weld stainless steel tubing. While I think I could weld stainless steel tubing, in the manner for which he spoke, I really doubt I could do both. My eyes are not what they were before I reached 40, and swing shift is usually not about how much production the mechanic can get out. Swing shift is about the production the production people can put out.

He liked that I knew what “heaters” were (mechanical switches that control the amount of amps a machine uses), but he didn’t like it when I said that I hadI never welded stainless steal tubing before.

Sometimes the answer, to this guy’s question, comes before the end of the interview instead of after.

via Want to Get Hired? 5 Highly Insightful Questions to Ask the Interviewer.

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