Community Project

Every project has three domains that it must satisfy.

This is particularly true if you are building a home.

The home exists in an environment which has structure, culture, and a position within the community.

My hope is that I will design the ultimate home, but a lot of that goal depends on what I know and understand about the community I am designing it for.

Community design exists in three domains (structure, culture, and position). When designing the home I need to enter three domains. This takes, according to Howard Bloom in his book titled, ” Global Brain”, much effort.

The first domain is structure. Structure is your basic physics. From what I have learned in the engineering classes that I took at Mt. Hood Community College, physics is dependent on the force triangle, i.e. X^2 + Y ^2=hypotenuse^2.

Not very sexy, but does explain a lot about structure and its relationship with culture and position. Structure is what you see, i.e., Observe. Everything else is what you feel or in other words, it depends on the position you take.

The second domain is culture. Culture represents a position that has an advantage in the environment Observed. In fact the advantage can be so powerful that it has been said that, “culture eats structure”. I will not argue that fact, but will say, in the context of structure, never bite-off more than you can chew.

The third domain is position. Position depends on the moment of inertia that exists within the culture of the structure, What can be said of a moment of inertia is that it has an exponent to the fourth power.

So, if you are within the space of a structure and within a moment of time, then the moment of inertia, in that moment of time, represents a position that has the greatest amount of advantage within the environment you are observing, because it represent a unit of time in the feet to the fourth power. Exponents are very important, according to Thomas PM Barnett, the mastermind behind the US involvement in the Middle East after 9/11.

So structure is equally important to Culture and Position, considering the chewing and swallowing part, both domains that give you an advantage within the environment observed.

The problem is that it is hard to observe an environment that you have no part of, in either culture or position, but can be physically observed and also able to partake in the observing.

At least it can be said that it takes a special person to do the observing.

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