FBI Monitoring Armed Standoff in Oregon National Wildlife Refuge

“What we’re really seeing is a continuation of what started in April 2014, of militia folks and anti-government folks deciding that they’re not going to accept federal authorities over federal lands,” Beirich told ABC News Sunday.

He said the group’s goal is to help local workers, including ranchers, miners and hunters, benefit from the land. The group wants to assert that the federal government does not have right to own or control land inside the state, Ammon Bundy said.

Help local workers? Having lived and worked in Burns for a time, I am not sure kicking the Federal Government out of the area would improve conditions for local workers. Unless times have changed, the real money for workers came from federal jobs.

As for Bundy’s group helping ranchers, miners and hunters, the group’s action, of rolling the feds back, may help some.

On the other hand, Hammond’s and others in the area, claim on the grazing rights comes from the force of the federal government. Without the feds, my guess would be that, once on the open-market, all the local ranchers, miners and hunters would be forced off their lands by large corporations.

I may be wrong, but if the Hammond’s, and the local landowners in the area, had the money needed to own thousands of acres, the situation we are seeing would not be happening. At least the Hammonds would not be going to jail.

In a way, the militias can be considered an existential threat to the local Ranchers, Miners, and Hunters in the area.

If the militias have their way, maybe the best thing to come out of this situation would be to have a large group of people, such as the Mormons, come in and colonize the area.

Of course that is just my opinion, and I could be wrong. 🙂



Source: FBI Monitoring Armed Standoff in Oregon National Wildlife Refuge – Yahoo