The Militia; The means not way of Revolution.

I believe the best use of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is to guarantee that we the people are able to form militias. While individual rights, in my book, takes precedence over the right to form a union, it is only in a union that things can change.

I believe the 2nd Amendment is first about the ability of the people of the United States of America form a local union to change their government, and to do so when all other attempts are not open to them. I believe our forefathers understood that, ultimately, when our votes no longer have meaning,  we could not change without the use of firearms. There is an old saying: if you want peace, then prepare for war. I don’t know how accurate that saying is, but I believe our forefathers were preparing us for peace.

But the Militia is only a means of peace, not the way of peace. The Militia creates a workspace to position communities in a war environment, and orientation begins in a workspace. An orientation is a union of people taking a single position. When somewhere around 3% of all the people in all of the communities form an orientation that takes that single position, history has shown us that change takes place.

The armed men who took over a wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon provided the workspace. Unfortunately it wasn’t, or hasn’t yet, become local, so no orientation towards any position could take place.

So all that is left is the least important part of a militia, and that is the shooting.

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