Edges and Nodes

I am a vessel; fill me.

I read on a Facebook feed that life is an open loop and a closed loop is nonliving.

A network is made up of edges and nodes. It can be said that edges are the pathways between nodes and nodes are the ends to the path across the gap between nodes. Because of these ends, an edge can be considered an open loop, and a node the opening that gives the edge life. If an edge is closed, it is like a snake eating its own tail, and life can’t exist.

When a network get big enough, as to give it some substance, and functions in the way of edges and nodes, a network can be considered a vessel. Therefore, as long as you keep something in the vessel, life goes on. When the network is closed, the time of open ends disappear, pathways grow shorter, and loops close.

This is most likely why the universe is always expanding. It is keeping the network open.


One thought on “Edges and Nodes

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