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“Fear and a lack of understanding seem to be the dynamic the drives the people/police disconnect. People do not understand what and why the police do what they do and the police do not understand the reaction to their actions while keeping the peace on the street. This drives fear and frustration. “

Exactly. Could it be said that fear and a lack of understanding about honor and interest creates wars?

Or at least, from what I gather, those are the domains that drive people to war. So it might be said that police at times creates an insurgency of free radicals, much like adding chlorine to the body. In chlorine’s search for iron, it makes mincemeat out of much of the body, but is particularly punishing to the blood vessels, as that is where the iron is kept (the hood). I was trained to be a first responder to a chlorine leak to one or all 4 2000lb pound tanks filled with pure chlorine. As such, I got to know my enemy well. 🙂

One of my co-worker, took a snout full of the stuff, and I wasn’t there to help him. Chlorine turns to acid that takes out all of the membranes that held the gas as it entered the body. Our health guy said that it might not be the worst to happen to you. It might be the havoc the free radicals create in the relationship they have between the iron in your blood stream and the number of events the free radicals produce.

Imagine that! My friend had to stick 50′ of gause down his sinus cavity, and that wasn’t the worst that could happen to him?

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