OODA; A Node Looking for an Edge

In another post I wrote: ” nodes are the ends to the path across the gap between nodes.”.  I also said, “…edges are the pathways between nodes… “.The OODA loop is a node not an edge. All the information needed to understand what OODA means is here.

A node and an edge are a continuum, “: a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities”. The two different possibilities are space and time. A node takes up space–an edge is a matter of time. The slight difference between them is that a node is held in position by time–an edge is defined in distance by the space between nodes. A node is space specific, while an edge is time specific, but each are defined by the other.

A node and an edge each has a separate environment. In the OODA process it is time that holds each step in the process together in its environment, but each step in the process is in one environment and it is the edges, in another environment, that makes the OODA whole. The distance between Observation, Orientation, Decision, and Action define the edges and give them meaning.

The most important edge is between Decision and Action. It is this edge that makes the OODA loop an open loop and gives the OODA loop a position of advantage in the environment the OODA loop is Observed in. The advantage is in the distance of the edge and the position of Orientation relative to the edge’s environment. The position is created by thinking, and thinking is the essence of life.

In other words, the edge between Decision and Action, through thinking, makes the OODA loop an open loop and a living organism.

Time is a position–space is distance to the 3rd power. When an area of time is in position it is T^2–When space is in time it is distance^4 and in a form of acceleration when, at zero velocity, called gravity, where there is a change in distance, but no change in time.

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