Commoditizing; an Active Measure?

SHOCK: Hearing reports #BundyMilitia arrests were a hoax & they escaped on these magnificent birds.#Oregonstandoff— Charles Buchanan (@CRobertBuchanan) January 27, 2016

It seems likely to me that commoditizing is an Active Measure that governments use to take away the soul of an enemy. It is used to make them feel common and the movement they represent common as well. I think by definition alone that it can be said that most people are not radicalized by that which is common.

Democracy coming to the Middle East probably radicalized people as did ISIS’s quick take-over of a big swath of Syria and Iraq did. The difference was Democracy was commoditized and ISIS has not been as lucky yet.

Who ever created this photo helped commoditize the non-local militia that occupied and harassed federal officials in Burns Oregon. The fact it has now been traded on the market in blood, does not make its use as an Active Measure any less powerful, nor attractive.

Source: Twitter

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