Trump’s Insurgency (a must read)

But on the question of him running an insurgency, perhaps GG makes a good point.

“Trump doesn’t take policy positions on the small issues most campaigns are built on. Those positions would only divide his insurgency. ”

Structurally, an insurgency can only take what the incumbent force gives them, and the small issues are not Trumps to take. As I said before, it is my opinion Trump is actually a Democrat, so his supporters are not interested in his politics, only his DNA structure.

An insurgency is structured to have a 5/2 slope (5 events over the magnitude of 2 represented by what they are able to muster in a fight), which means that the insurgency has the numbers (He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere!) while the incumbent force has the magnitude of events (it’s raining money).

So structurally, the incumbent force has substance, while the insurgency has action. And so far the American election has been about structure.

Right now Trump is so repulsive to his Democratic base, to gain the support he will need from his base, Trump will need to win them over structurally. To do that I think Trump will start running an incumbent run for the POTUS, bringing his base back under his tent.

Structurally and unless Cruz or Rubio grabs the Republican nomination away from Trump, the election will come down to the election of a Jew or a Christian; the type of battle the Republicans lost in the last elections. I think Trump will beat a candidate Hillary, in an election where the choice is structurally between two Democrats, so the final battle would be between Bernie and Trump, a non-insurgent fight.

If Cruz or Rubio gets the nod, then the race will be between Republicans and Democrats, and the Trump insurgency would disappear, although another may take its place. What that “other” insurgency would look like, again, it would depend on its structure.

Considering the leaders of the Republican Party in the Senate and Congress, I doubt the any insurgency is going to disappear completely. Only, I think the Republicans are better at fighting an insurgent fight using cultural instead of structural means.

The Image

Trump is able to pull this off because he’s not running a political campaign.  Instead, he’s running an insurgency.

He is not an insurgent. He is a Democrat.

It is time for you to re-think–re-set.

Source: Trump’s Insurgency (a must read) – Global Guerrillas

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