Mitt Romney tells Donald Trump voters they’re ‘suckers’

So what is the fix and is the fix in?

The Image

Romney argued that it’s not too late to derail the Trump train. And he even proposed a strategy in which Republican voters should cast their ballots for whichever of Trump’s rivals seems most likely to beat him in a given state – an effort to deny him the majority of delegates. That could lead to a brokered nominating convention, with an uncertain outcome.

Ok, two things. Hillery must not win and you need a brokered nominating convention, which may help Mitt and a possible Paul Ryan type candidate become POTUS.

Oh wait! Neither are running for that position, wink, wink.

Romney gave a great speech and I agree with Mitt that Trump voters are suckers. But I think it was W. C. Fields, in his statement about a sucker being born every minute, who suggested that there are no willing suckers.

So the fault lies within the leadership of the…

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