Speaking as a Philosopher: Observation

When life Observes, speaking as a philosopher, what they are looking at is energy.

Energy is force (forecast) in a distance, and everything philosophers sees has distance.

Once philosophers observe these distances (distant forecast), they can make an educated guess at what lies ahead, in the context of power.

But guessing shouldn’t be left to just anyone. The distances can be wide or narrow, tall or short, and far or near, so observation takes a keen mind.

A keen mind, but not a genius. Every distance begins with just two points, one in the past and one in the future. So it doesn’t take a genius to understand two points

Quantum physics, as it is applied mechanically, tells us that. There are two points (or speculation) about electrons that Quantum physicists don’t believe in. These points are the past and future of an electron. Quantum physicists know exactly where the past and future position of an electron will be, but that knowledge scientist collect is built on speculation, because an electron is nothing in the now. An electron is a particle wave, and in the now it is a like a wave flowing over you, instead of a particle doing your mass harm.

In the past or future we can not see an electron, because we only know two things about them, where they were and where they will be, but both observations are position of speculations. So speculation drives power, at least the power of the electron.

It is like our observations changes energy, and that change is what quantum physicist see. But, because of science, it is actually a change in power, not energy, that scientists see, as they stand as philosophers, looking at the ocean of vast energy around them.

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