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The potential energy of the loop is built in observation and slowly (or not) released throughout the loop until it jumps the gap between decision and action. The kinetic energy is released as a spark in revolution, or a slow burn in evolution, depending on what fills the gap. The potential is totally released in Action as it penetrates, isolates, subverts, re-orients, and reharmonizes itself into another potential

Perhaps another way of looking at this is buried within my comment I made today from the post.

Hey Scott, thanks for posting.
I thought about ordering the book, but it seems to me that judgement depends a lot on positioning. In other words, positioning comes out of the decisions your orientation make and judgement ultimately comes out of how firm the position is that you hold. I guess recognising the spiral is recognising that position.
On that point, I would be interested in what the book says about precision and accuracy.

I think my second quote means the same as the first that I have been doing some thinking about it since then.

Maybe, “depending on what fills the gap” depends on if what fills the gap is the scales of justice?


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