Special Operations Forces | NECSI

The use of special operations forces (SOF) in war fighting and peace keeping efforts has increased dramatically in recent decades. A scientific understanding of the reason for this increase would provide guidance as to the contexts in which SOF can be used to their best effect.

I wonder if scientist understand the difference between Special Forces and Special Operating Forces. (Hint: it is in their charter, i.e. two operating platforms under two different rule-sets.).

Special Operations Forces (SOF) provide war fighting capabilities that complement conventional forces. A conceptual framework is needed to clarify and differentiate the role of SOF within the larger military system to aid decision-makers in identifying when it is necessary and appropriate to utilize SOF and when conventional forces are better suited.

Nope! They are equating Special Forces with Special Operating Forces. If Special Operating Forces are in action, the role of conventional forces are defined within the operation. If conventional forces are in action, there isn’t a role for the Special Operating Forces, but there might be a role for Special Forces within the conventional force’s action.

Special Operations Forces don’t complement conventional forces, they oversee them in their ability to have sufficient variety. Special Forces complement conventional forces in their actions, because they have the same variety in their numbers, as that of conventional forces.

Source: Special Operations Forces | NECSI

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