Pro-Israel policy conference nervously awaits Trump speech

Rival Bernie Sanders — trying to become first Jewish candidate to win a major party’s presidential nomination — is skipping the event.

Man, talk about in-your-face.

Candidate Bernie Sanders is still pretty awesome.

Much like the American electorate at large, the pro-Israel community in the United States is anything but monolithic, and this year’s conference appears set to highlight those different constituencies, including socially liberal Democratic Jews, establishment Republican Jews and conservative evangelical Christians.

Except for those who are in the establishment, those listed above are candidate Bernie’s people. He could have swept the conference, and he has chosen to not even bracket-in.

A Left and Right moniker tells use what structure you are. A Socialist type structure is that of the Left, while a Fascist type structure is that on the Right. On the other hand, not all of those on the Right are Fascist, nor all of those on the Left Socialists.

In a Corporate structure, the CEO can be either. I am not saying that with a Trump election it will be the first time a well trained Fascist has been elected into office. I am just saying that it is hard for an executive Fascist to obtain on-the-job experience, unless you are not in Government.

Also, the first thing those structured on the Right do is put their name on the structure. We still know the Hitler brand, but sometimes we forget that he was also a Fascist.


Source: Pro-Israel policy conference nervously awaits Trump speech – Yahoo News

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