Five Questions That Make Strategy Real

Strategy, then, is simply finding the big a-ha and setting a broad direction, putting the right people behind it, and then executing with an unyielding emphasis on continuous improvement. There’s no mystery to it!

Jack Welch is being kind to suggest that there is no mystery to strategy. But in a way he is right. There is no mystery in how to execute strategy–the mystery is in the strategy itself.

The mystery can be defined in questions asked by every strategist: what is the strategist vision that the person such as Jack Welch sees, what is the means the visionary has available to get to strategic end imagined, and what is the way forward from the end (from where everyone started at) to the end (where the visionary was working towards)?

So Strategy is easy, but still a mystery–finding the strategist is hard.

But unlocking the mystery makes the strategy a winning or losing process, and Jack Welch is a winner and a successful strategist.

Successful strategists (Jack Welch) are those people who are able to unlock the mystery for us all and they should be rewarded for the mystery unlocked.

Great article.

Source: Five Questions That Make Strategy Real | Jack Welch | LinkedIn

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