Mark Safranski

 They will target our shopping malls, movie theaters, elementary schools, our churches, synagogues, mosques and sidewalk cafes with car bombs and AK-47’s while tweeting and instagramming their kills.

But can ISIS actually target anyone? I mean they can play on the feeble minded individuals like the Orlando shooter, and those like him, but, as for targeting, they only have the targets they have, not necessarily the targets they need.

ISIS is basically fighting a civil war and I don’t understand how targets, like the Orlando gay bar, get the organisation of ISIS any advantage in the civil war they are fighting, unless, of course, they can get Trump elected.

Another BushII (ignorance at the top-down) in the White House would be a feather in their cap, so to speak, as ignorance, in the leader of the free world, of the basics of world power, would most likely open up a religious war again in Iraq, and that is a war ISIS believes history (of the Iraq war) says that it will win.

Trump is either against the government of the USA or with it. So far he has shown, by his ignorance, that he is against it.

Not a poistion I would like to be in, if I was he.

Source: Mark Safranski

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