The Orlando Transcript and a Renewed Terrorist Threat – Global Guerrillas

Enemies innovate, particularly open source networks like ISIS.

ISIS is not a open source network. ISIS is a closed network and the shooter in Orlando was not a source within its network. The Orlando shooter was a source within  a network that was outside of ISIS.

ISIS had not command nor control over the source, the shooter was, in fact, outside ISIS’s orientation.

So, while the shooter may represent a renewed terrorist threat, the threat comes from within and not from a closed source, such as an ISIS network.

In other words, we don’t need to profile muslims, we need to profile the mentally disturbed in the USA, many  of which, in this time in history, will be muslim and of other faiths and orientations. We need to profile these disturbed people until at least ISIS find a solution to the civil war they are fighting, and Sunni and Shia come together.

But mostly our law enforcement structures will need to find those of this renewed terrorist threat that have a brain that will be unable to function in today’s world.

Which must, as it seems, to number in the thousands, but not millions.

Source: The Orlando Transcript and a Renewed Terrorist Threat – Global Guerrillas

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